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Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and nitrogen porosimetry (NP) : two novel techniques for the evaluation of urinary stone hardness
Vordos Nick   Giannakopoulos Stilianos   Vansant Etienne   Kalaitzis Christos   Nolan John W.   Bandekas Dimitrios V.   Karavasilis Ioannis   Mitropoulos Athanasios Ch.   Touloupidis Stavros  
International urology and nephrology - ISSN 0301-1623-50:10 (2018) p. 1779-1785
Price tag in nanomaterials?
Gkika Despoina   Vordos N.   Nolan J.W.   Mitropoulos A.C.   Vansant Etienne   Cool Pegie   Braet Johan  
Journal of nanoparticle research - ISSN 1388-0764-19:5 (2017) p. 1-7
Scanning of adsorption hysteresis in situ with small angle x-ray scattering
Mitropoulos Athanasios Ch.   Favvas Evangelos P.   Stefanopoulos Konstantinos L.   Vansant Etienne  
PLoS ONE - ISSN 1932-6203-11:10 (2016)
LDH and $TiO_{2}$/LDH-type nanocomposite systems : a systematic study on structural characteristics
Seftel Elena   Niarchos M.   Vordos N.   Nolan J. W.   Mertens M.   Mitropoulos A. Ch.   Vansant Etienne   Cool Pegie  
Microporous and mesoporous materials: zeolites, clays, carbons and related materials - ISSN 1387-1811-203 (2015) p. 208-215
Photocatalytic removal of phenol and methylene-blue in aqueous media using $TiO_{2}@LDH$ clay nanocomposites
Seftel Elena   Niarchos M.   Mitropoulos Ch.   Mertens M.   Vansant Etienne   Cool Pegie  
Catalysis today - ISSN 0920-5861-252 (2015) p. 120-127

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