Publications in the spotlight

A Brexit hysteresis-exercise : relevant bottom lines and prospective price-sensitivity patterns in current EU-UK trade and traffic flows
Claessens Evrard   Guisson Cedric  
Spoudai - ISSN 1105-8919-69:3 (2019) p. 5-20
A trading STORMPATH across an unfinished continent
Claessens Evrard   Stavrevska Vesna   Tatarevic A.  
EU enlargement perspective : inside and outside concepts / Kandzija, V. [edit.]; et al.-p. 43-62
Wereldwijd bekeken : essays in IMD (International Management, Diplomacy and Development Studies)
Roosens Paul   Claessens Evrard   Stavrevska Vesna  
Antwerpen, Universitas, 2011,
The EU-Hanseatic trading rim in the 2009 world crisis
Claessens A.   Claessens Evrard   Stavrevska Vesna   To F.  
Current issues in shipping, ports and logistics-p. 157-166
SCOPE, supply chains & operational performance in the EU automotive industry
Claessens Evrard   Stavrevska Vesna   To F.   Van Gaal T.   Tetevic Armen  
8th International Conference on Economic Integration, Competition and Co-operation, April 2011-p. 133-169

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