Publications in the spotlight

An IoT solution for measuring bee pollination efficacy
Van Goethem Sander   Verwulgen Stijn   Goethijn Frank   Steckel Jan  
2019 IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), 15-18 April, 2019, Limerick, Ireland- (2019) p. 837-840
A research platform using active local cooling directed at minimizing the blood flow in human fingers
Steckel Jan   Goethijn Frank   De Bruyne Guido   Nulens Vincent   Lacko Daniel   Bey Samuel   Verwulgen Stijn  
7th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth), 5-8 May 2013, Venice, Italy-p. 81-84
Collaboration between industrial design students and industry : sharing of knowledge and intellectual property
Verwulgen Stijn   Goethijn Frank   Vankerckhoven Vanessa  
Design education, growing our future : proceedings of E&PDE 2013, the 15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Dublin, Ireland, 05-06.09.2013 / Bohemia, Erik [edit.]; Ion, William [edit.]; et al. [edit.]-p. 518-523
T.H.E.-method : a visualised assessment tool used for integrated product development
van Gogh Dirk   Goethijn Frank   Meskens Luc  
2007 IASDR Conference : Emerging Trends in Design Research, 12-15 November 2007, Hong Kong

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