Frank Sobott

Chair of Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry (Astbury Centre, Leeds)

Publications in the spotlight

Protomers of benzocaine : solvent and permittivity dependence
Warnke Stephan   Seo Jongcheol   Boschmans Jasper   Sobott Frank   Scrivens James H.   Bleiholder Christian   Bowers Michael T.   Gewinner Sandy   Schoellkopf Wieland   Pagel Kevin   von Helden Gert  
Journal of the American Chemical Society - ISSN 0002-7863-137:12 (2015) p. 4236-4242
Top-down mass spectrometry of intact membrane protein complexes reveals oligomeric state and sequence information in a single experiment
Konijnenberg Albert   Bannwarth Ludovic   Yilmaz Duygu   Kocer Armagan   Venien-Bryan Catherine   Sobott Frank  
Protein science - ISSN 0961-8368-24:8 (2015) p. 1292-1300
ETD allows for native surface mapping of a 150 kDa noncovalent complex on a commercial Q-TWIMS-TOF instrument
Lermyte Frederik   Konijnenberg Albert   Williams Jonathan P.   Brown Jeffery M.   Valkenborg Dirk   Sobott Frank  
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry - ISSN 1044-0305-25:3 (2014) p. 343-350
Global structural changes of an ion channel during its gating are followed by ion mobility mass spectrometry
Konijnenberg Albert   Yilmaz Duygu   Ingolfsson Helgi I.   Dimitrova Anna   Marrink Siewert J.   Li Zhuolun   Venien-Bryan Catherine   Sobott Frank   Kocer Armagan  
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - ISSN 0027-8424-111:48 (2014) p. 17170-17175
Organization of the BcgI restriction-modification protein for the cleavage of eight phosphodiester bonds in DNA
Smith Rachel M.   Marshall Jacqueline J. T.   Jacklin Alistair J.   Retter Susan E.   Halford Stephen E.   Sobott Frank  
Nucleic acids research - ISSN 0305-1048-41:1 (2013) p. 391-404

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