Publications in the spotlight

Spatial voting meets spatial policy positions : an experimental appraisal
Artiga Gonzalez Tanja   Granic Georg Dura  
The American political science review - ISSN 0003-0554-114:1 (2020) p. 285-290
Judgment error in lottery play : when the hot hand meets the gambler’s fallacy
Kong Qingxia   Granic Georg Dura   Lambert Nicolas S.   Teo Chung Piaw  
Management science - ISSN 0025-1909- (2019) p. 1-19
Where power resides in committees
Granic Georg Dura   Wagner Alexander K.  
Leadership quarterly - ISSN 1048-9843- (2019) p. 1-15
The problem of the divided majority : preference aggregation under uncertainty
Granic Georg Dura  
Journal of economic behavior and organization - ISSN 0167-2681-133 (2017) p. 21-38
Preference reversals : time and again
Allos-Ferrer Carlos   Granic Georg Dura   Kern Johannes   Wagner Alexander K.  
Journal of risk and uncertainty - ISSN 0895-5646-52:1 (2016) p. 65-97

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