Gils Roex graduated as a bioscience engineer, majoring in cell and gene technology, from the KU Leuven, Belgium in 2018. The Tumor Immunology Group (TIGr) from the Laboratory of Experimental Hematology at the University of Antwerp hosted him for his successful master dissertation titled "Generation of T cell receptor-redirected human T cells and the characterisation of their anti-tumour activity". After his graduation, he continued to work at TIGr as a PhD student with the task to develop a next-generation CAR-T cell therapy with enhanced efficacy, improved safety and reduced manufacturing costs. At the end of 2018 he received a temporary mandate of the Special Research Fund of the UAntwerpen, allowing him to lay the foundation of his research. Subsequently, in mid-2019, Gils was awarded a grant by the Flemish foundations ME TO YOU and Kom op Tegen Kanker to support his work as a young scientist.

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