Hanka Otte

Hanka Otte


Lange Sint - Annastraat 7
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Hanka Otte (1974) is postdoc researcher in the Culture Commons Quest Office (Antwerp Research Institute o the Arts - ARIA). The central question of this research group is how creative workers may contribute to the urban environment and what has been called 'the commons' and how creative biotopes arise. Hanka's focus is on how these creative biotopes can be maintained in a sustainable manner by city policies. Hanka has done a PhD research on the relationship between arts participation and social cohesion. She defended her dissertation with the title 'Binding or Bridging, on the relation between arts, cultural policy and social cohesion' in October 2015 at Groningen University. 


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  • postdoctoral researcher