CMRINPUT is an MS Excel-based program to facilitate the computer storage of CMR-data. The data are stored as "capture records", each capture record being the information collected during a single capture occasion of a given individual. The program provides easy input screens and has several routines to verify the validity of the entered data and intercept erroneous input, based on the characteristics of the study area and its species composition.

Note that the program does not perform any analysis of the recorded data and that it cannot be used to select or manipulate the stored information: the program is aimed at ensuring the quality of the routine data-input. However, the data are stored as a normal Excel-file, the data can easily be copied to another Excel-file and manipulated there.

You are welcome to downmoad the software and manual. If you have been using older versions of CMRINPUT or other datafiles that store one capture event per line, we can help transferring these data to CMRINPUT Excel