Key publications

Opinion balance in vox pop television news
Beckers Kathleen   Van den Bulck Hilde   Walgrave Stefaan  
Journalism studies - ISSN 1461-670X-19:2 (2018) p. 284-296
Exploring local fandom : celebrities fans in the global-local nexus
Van den Bulck Hilde  
The Routledge companion to media fandom / Click, Melissa A. [edit.]; et. al-p. 289-297
Production perspectives on audience participation in television : on, beyond and behind the screen
te Walvaart Marleen   Dhoest Alexander   Van den Bulck Hilde  
Convergence : the international journal of research into new media technologies - ISSN 1354-8565- (2018)
Separating the sex from the object : conceptualizing sexualization and (sexual) objectification in Flemish preteens popular television programs
Rousseau Ann   Eggermont Steven   Bels Annebeth   Van den Bulck Hilde  
Journal of children and media - ISSN 1748-2798- (2018)
Public service media in the networked society. What society? What network? What role?
Van den Bulck Hilde   Donders Karen   Lowe Gregory Ferrell  
Public service media in the networked society / Lowe, Gregory Ferrell [edit.]-p. 11-28

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