Key publications

Celebrity news as hybrid journalism : an assessment of celebrity coverage in newspapers and magazines
Van den Bulck Hilde   Paulussen Steve   Bels Annebeth  
Journalism : theory, practice and criticism - ISSN 1464-8849-18:1 (2017) p. 44-63
Belgium (Flanders)
Van den Bulck Hilde   Custers K.   Van den Bulck J.  
A transnational study of law and justice on TV / Robson, P. [edit.]; Schulz, J.L. [edit.]-p. 23-35
Blossoming beauty or unhinged teen? Media and audiences discussing celebrities coming of age
Bels Annebeth   Van den Bulck Hilde   Claessens Nathalie  
Childhood and celebrity / O'Connor, Jane [edit.]; e.a. [edit.]-p. 69-81
Communication sciences in Flanders : a history
Van den Bulck Jan   Van den Bulck Hilde  
Kommunikationswissenschaft im internationalen Vergleich : transnationale Perspektiven / Averbeck-Lietz, S. [edit.]
Why are traditional newspaper publishers still surviving in the digital era? The impact of long-term trends on the Flemish newspaper industrys financing, 1990-2014
van der Burg Miriam   Van den Bulck Hilde  
Journal of media business studies. - ISSN 1652-2354-14:2 (2017) p. 82-115

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