Study of the fundamental mechanisms of nano-plasticity in asdeposited and hydrided nanocrystalline Pd thin films using highthroughput nanostatistical in-situ nanomechanical TEM testing. 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2018


The present project focuses on two main objectives: (1) the investigation of elementary defect mechanisms controlling the growth and hydriding of nc Pd films and (2) the investigation of such mechanisms controlling the (thermo-)mechanical properties in as-deposited and hydrided nc Pd films. The research will be conducted by a combination of novel TEM techniques providing highthroughput nanostatistical data with nm resolution meanwhile allowing for in-situ nano/micromechanical testing experiments including in-situ heating and yielding quantified loaddisplacement and stress-strain curves to provide dynamical data on nanoplasticity.


Research team(s)