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I am currently studying at the FunMorph Lab at the Universiteit Antwerpen, working with Sandra Nauwelaerts and Peter Aerts. My research interests lie in functional ecomorphology and macroevolution. I have previously worked reviewing the evolution of cetaceans and using geometric morphometrics to measure disparity in dinosaurs. Here at the UA, I am applying geometric morphometric techniques to investigate morphological variation in the limbs of living perissodactyls - horses, tapirs and rhinos. Assessing the morphological constraints on these modern day animals will provide valuable insights into the range of movement in extinct perissodactyls. The study is  currently focussing on a group of 'living fossils': tapirs. These are large, forest dwelling mammals with a very primitive bodyplan. We are using three-dimensional surface scanning to add to the descriptive knowledge of tapir osteology - a study area almost untouched for over 40 years!

Alongside academia I enjoy partaking in sports (especially hockey and cricket), relaxing with creative ats such as painting and drawing, and the comfort of a rich, flavoursome bruin at a welcoming tavern or bar!

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