Jamie Maclaren

Doctoral student (British)

Key publications

A morphometric analysis of the forelimb in the genus Tapirus (Perissodactyla : Tapiridae) reveals influences of habitat, phylogeny and size through time and across geographical space
Maclaren Jamie   Hulbert Richard C., Jr.   Wallace Steven C.   Nauwelaerts Sandra  
Zoological journal of the Linnean Society - ISSN 0024-4082-184:2 (2018) p. 499-515
Herbivorous dinosaur jaw disparity and its relationship to extrinsic evolutionary drivers
Maclaren Jamie   Anderson Philip S. L.   Barrett Paul M.   Rayfield Emily J.  
Paleobiology - ISSN 0094-8373-43:1 (2017) p. 15-33
Interspecific variation in the tetradactyl manus of modern tapirs (**Perissodactyla: Tapirus**) exposed using geometric morphometrics
Maclaren Jamie   Nauwelaerts Sandra  
Journal of morphology - ISSN 0362-2525-278:11 (2017) p. 1517-1535
A three-dimensional morphometric analysis of upper forelimb morphology in the enigmatic tapir (Perissodactyla: Tapirus) hints at subtle variations in locomotor ecology
Maclaren Jamie   Nauwelaerts Sandra  
Journal of morphology - ISSN 0362-2525-277:11 (2016) p. 1469-1485

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