My PhD is foccused on unravelling the effect of thyroid hormones on the seasonal neuroplasticity in seasonal songbirds. It is known that the increase in testosterone during spring results neuroplasticity in the the song control system. However, this seasonal neuroplasticity is not solelly controled by testosterone. Thyroid hormones have been suggested as a possible alternative modulator of this seasonal neuroplasticity. So during this PhD we investigate the effects of thyroid hormones on neuroplasticity in starlings. Furthermore we want to study whether thyroid hormones are modulating neuroplasticity in a direct manner (by interacting with receptors in the song control system) or in an indirect manner (by modulating the hypotalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis). This project is funded by the FWO and the IUAP plastoscine project.  

A video says more than a 1000 words, so have a look at short video where I explain my research.


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