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I am an Associate professor (hoofddocent) at the Institute of Development Policy (IOB) at University of Antwerp. Before joining IOB, I held positions at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI, Washington DC), the Center for Institutions and Economic Performance (LICOS), and Lancaster University (UK).

I am a development economist specializing in the study of Conflicts, Natural Disasters and Forced Migration. My research is related to the causes and consequences of conflicts and forced migration in Central Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo), Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Horn of Africa), Asia (China, Nepal, Pakistan), and the Arab world. More specifically, I have worked on the role of weather variations for migration, and its consequences on the labor markets. I have also investigated quantitatively the impact of refugees on the hosting population in developing countries, together with factors facilitating the integration of refugees in the US. I have also some interests in intergenerational inequality, the political economy of public spending and infrastructure, the economic impact of sanctions and the resilience to natural disasters.

I am (co-)teaching the courses "Design and methodology in development research" (Quantitative research), "Regression analysis and Inference", "Working with Data", "International Economics and International Economic Organizations", "Trade policy: poverty impact and policy implications", "International Migration and development"

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