Jens Hemelaer

Ph.D. fellow of the Research Foundation -- Flanders

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About Jens Hemelaer

I'm a Ph.D. fellow of the Research Foundation -- Flanders at the University of Antwerp, as part of the research group Fundamental Mathematics. My research is focused on algebra, with Lieven Le Bruyn as supervisor.

The Ph.D. project is concerned with new techniques in representation theory of algebras, in the setting of non-commutative algebraic geometry. I try to get a broad view on the relevant algebra and geometry, for example by participating in the student seminar ANAGRAMS or in the Antwerp Algebra Seminar.

My interests in algebra are for example:
- representation theory of algebras
- Azumaya algebras and Brauer groups
- deformation theory, homotopy theory and stacks

Other domains I like are algebraic topology and mathematical logic.

Some preprints:

Jens Hemelaer and Lieven Le Bruyn, Azumaya representation schemes, arXiv:1606.07885
Karin Cvetko-Vah, Jens Hemelaer en Lieven Le Bruyn, What is a noncommutative topos?, arXiv:1705.02831
Jens Hemelaer, Azumaya toposes, arXiv:1707.03814

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