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2013- 2020:   

Started as pHd student at the chemistry department university of Antwerp under the supervision of prof. dr. Frank Sobott. The subject of my research: Characterization of membrane proteins/peptides regarding their stochiometry, conformational changes, and oligomerization. The characteristics of membrane proteins/peptides are analyzed by "native" ion mobility mass spectrometry

-2013 :  

Obtained Msc. in Medical biology at the university of Nijmegen the Netherlands. During these Masters I finished two internships. The thesis subjects of the internships: Finding protein interactions with the Aquaporin-2 C-tail involved in the exo and endocytosis of Aquaporin-2 (university of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, physiology department, osmoregulation group, supervisor: prof. dr. Peter Deen) . And, Expression and structural                 characterization of the Bcl-2 associated X protein (Bax). (university of Antwerp, Belgium, chemistry department, Biomolecular and analytical mass spectrometry group, supervisor: prof. dr. Frank Sobott)

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