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Exercise-induce hyperalgesia, complement system and elastase activation in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome : a secondary analysis of experimental comparative studies
Polli Andrea   van Oosterwijck Jessica   Meeus Mira   Lambrecht Luc   Nijs Jo   Ickmans Kelly  
Scandinavian Journal of Pain - ISSN 1877-8860-19:1 (2019) p. 183-192
Relationship between exercise-induced oxidative stress changes and parasympathetic activity in chronic fatigue syndrome : an observational study in patients and healthy subjects
Polli Andrea   van Oosterwijck Jessica   Nijs Jo   Marusic Uros   De Wandele Inge   Paul Lorna   Meeus Mira   Moorkens Greta   Lambrecht Luc   Ickmans Kelly  
Clinical therapeutics - ISSN 0149-2918-41:4 (2019) p. 641-655
Domains of chronic low back pain and assessing treatment effectiveness : a clinical perspective
Tagliaferri Scott D.   Miller Clint T.   Owen Patrick J.   Mitchell Ulrike H.   Brisby Helena   Fitzgibbon Bernadette   Masse-Alarie Hugo   van Oosterwijck Jessica   Belavy Daniel L.  
Pain practice - ISSN 1530-7085-
The role of autonomic function in exercise-induced endogenous analgesia : a case-control study in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and healthy people
van Oosterwijck Jessica   Marusic Uros   De Wandele Inge   Paul Lorna   Meeus Mira   Moorkens Greta   Lambrecht Luc   Danneels Lieven   Nijs Jo  
Pain physician - ISSN 1533-3159-20:3 (2017) p. E389-E399
Lumbar muscle structure and function in chronic versus recurrent low back pain : a cross-sectional study
Goubert Dorien   De Pauw Robby   Meeus Mira   Willems Tine   Cagnie Barbara   Schouppe Stijn   van Oosterwijck Jessica   Dhondt Evy   Danneels Lieven  
The spine journal - ISSN 1529-9430-17:9 (2017) p. 1285-1296

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