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After his studies in law in Antwerp, Namur and Salzburg, dr. Johan Van de Voorde started in 2013 a PhD thesis on acquisitive prescription (adverse possession), with as supervisors prof. dr. Nicolas Carette en prof. dr. Renate Barbaix. He successfully defended his thesis on 7 Septembre 2017. Johan Van de Voorde is now postdoctoral fellow at the University of Antwerp, as part of the research group Personal Rights and Property Rights. He publishes regularly in Dutch, French and English in both national and international journals and books.

Dr. Johan Van de Voorde presently pursues two research projects. The first project concerns the protection of subjective rights (such as property rights and personality rights), researching whether it is possible to create a general theory on the basis of the now already well developed system of property remedies. The second project, which partially overlaps the first, analyses the private law mechanisms to protect the environment.

Dr. Johan Van de Voorde is also academic coordinator of the Animal and Law Chair (the chairholder is prof. dr. Frederik Swennen).

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