Joris Van Ouytsel

Research assistant

Previous projects

In 2013 Joris was involved in two projects, including: a science communication project for ‘the Flemish Center for Media Literacy’ and the research innovation project ‘Media Didactica’.

Flemish center for Media Literacy (
The MIOS research group is a partner of the recently established ‘Flemish Center for Media Literacy’ ( is based at iMinds. Other partners of the Center for Media Literacy include:  LINC vzw, Mediaraven, Stuurgroep Volwassenenonderwijs, MAKS, REC Radiocentrum, MIOS-Universiteit Antwerpen, ICRI-KULeuven, Cemeso Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Thomas More, Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg en Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg.

The primary purpose of is to improve media literacy at all levels of the Flemish population by developing media competencies, diminishing the e -gap and creating a safe and responsible media/ICT environment. 

In 2013, MIOS will collaborate in the development of teaching materials concerning new forms of online advertising. MIOS will also develop two information guides for parents, teachers and youth workers. One guide will inform the non-scientific audience about online interpersonal communication, privacy and the risks of online contact. The other informational guide will discuss advantages and risks of gaming.
More information about the MIOS activities within can be obtained by contacting Joris van Ouytsel (researcher) and Michel Walrave, Heidi Vandebosch & Karolien Poels (supervisors).

Media Didactica
Media literacy is an essential skill to navigate and participate in 21st century society. In order to enhance media literacy of children and adolescents, teachers and teacher educators must acquire these competencies and the ability to translate media education into their respective curricula. The focus of these competencies lies on practical skills, the creative use of various media and the insight into the underlying mechanisms of media.

The research project ‘Media Didactica’ will design a unique reference framework for teacher educators to analyse, develop and assess their personal media literacy competencies and to create a personal learning plan. Two substantive pillars underpin the curricula: (1) the use of media as a learning tool in and outside the school and (2) critical reflection on the impact of media on learning and development processes in classroom, school and society.

The framework is an elaboration of media literacy as it is specified in the development profile of the teacher educator. The curricula are independent of subject matter. They are meant for all teacher educators and by extension also for the students in teacher education and for teachers.

The supervisors of the project are Wil Meeus, Boris Mets & Michel Walrave, researchers are Aleksander Driesen, Jan 't Sas and Joris van Ouytsel.