Publications in the spotlight

To what extent do successive cohorts adopt different publication patterns? Peer review, language use, and publication types in the social sciences and humanities
Guns Raf   Eykens Joshua   Engels Tim  
Frontiers in research metrics and analytics - ISSN 2504-0537-3 (2019) p. 1-16
Identifying publications in questionable journals in the context of performance-based research funding
Eykens Joshua   Guns Raf   Jakaria Rahman Abu Imran Mohammad   Engels Tim  
PLoS ONE - ISSN 1932-6203-14:11 (2019) p. 1-19
A comparison of cognitive and organizational classification of publications in the social sciences and humanities
Guns Raf   Sīle Linda   Eykens Joshua   Verleysen Frederik   Engels Tim  
Scientometrics: an international journal for all quantitative aspects of the science of science and science policy - ISSN 0138-9130-116:2 (2018) p. 1093-1111
Communalism and internationalism : publication norms and structures in international social science
Vanderstraeten Raf   Eykens Joshua  
Serendipities. Journal for the Sociology and History of the Social Sciences - ISSN 2521-0947-3:1 (2018) p. 14-28
Mobiliteit binnen academia : een gesprek met Cassidy R. Sugimoto en Vincent Larivière
Eykens Joshua  
Sociologie magazine - ISSN 0928-5350-26:4 (2018) p. 22-24

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