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Lewis acidic $FeCl_{3}$ promoted 2-aza-Cope rearrangement to afford alpha-substituted homoallylamines in dimethyl carbonate
Gadde Karthik   Daelemans Jonas   Maes Bert   Abbaspour Tehrani Kourosch  
RSC advances - ISSN 2046-2069-9:31 (2019) p. 18013-18017
The use of calcium carbide as acetylene source in a three-component coupling with omega-chlorinated ketones and primary amines
Van Beek Wim   Gadde Karthik   Abbaspour Tehrani Kourosch  
Chemistry: a European journal - ISSN 0947-6539-24:62 (2018) p. 16645-16651

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