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About Kristof Smeyers

Kristof Smeyers graduated in Cultural History at the University of Leuven (2010) with a dissertation on the intertwined worlds of Belgian art, postmodernism and psychoanalysis in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Since then he has worked as a researcher in the library collections of the University of Oxford and the National Bank of Belgium, resulting in a book on the economic history of Belgium (Het gestolde land. Een economische geschiedenis van België, 2016).

At the Ruusbroec Institute, Kristof is a Ph.D. student in the ERC-project 'Between saints and celebrities. The devotion and promotion of stigmatics in Europe, ca. 1800-1950', where he explores British stigmatics in the Victorian age: their rise to fame (or infamy), their appropriation by figures and groups from all sides of the social, religious and political spectrum, and their legacies as popular saintly celebrities.

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