About Kristof Titeca

My research focuses on governance in conflict-affected areas, or in areas where the state is only weakly present, particularly in Central and Eastern Africa. I am currently working on the following issues: i) informal revenue collection and taxation among the Congolese police; ii) rebel movements in Central Africa, particularly the LRA and ADF in the Democratic Republic of Congo; iii) wildlife crime, and particularly ivory trade in Central and Eastern Africa.

My other research interests are ‘hybrid governance’ and public services in so-called ‘failed state’s’, informal economy and smuggling.

I can be contacted at kristof.titeca (at) uantwerpen.be

Most of my publications can be accessed here.

My most recent publications:

Forthcoming publications:

  • "Governance with empty pockets: the education sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo" in Development and Change (with Tom De Herdt)
  • "Everything changes to remain the same? State and tax reform inSouth Sudan" in Journal of Modern African Studies (with Rens Twijnstra)