Lander Willem


Modeling Infectious Diseases

Lander Willem holds an FWO post-doc fellowship to elaborate on health economic evaluations with individual-based models integrating transmission dynamics, stochasticity and uncertainty. He obtained his PhD in 2015 on individual-based modeling in the field of infectious disease transmission, and holds a master in Biomedical Engineering from the KULeuven, Belgium. In the philosophy of engaging in interdisciplinary research, his work has a particular focus on model exploration, parameter estimation, social contact patterns and computational efficiency. He is principal investigator of an individual-based model, called STRIDE, to study the interaction between adaptive individual behavior and close-contact disease transmission. This C++ simulator is evolving towards a new platform for health economic evaluation in R based on high-performant transmission modelling and state-of-the-art uncertainty analysis. 

His PLoS ONE paper on the association between social contact patterns and weather conditions is referenced in a BBC News article and has impact on succeeding research worldwide.