Lander Willem


Modeling Infectious Diseases

I studied Bioscience-Engineering at the KU Leuven and graduated with a growing interest in the interdisciplinary field of biology and computer science. In the philosophy of engaging in interdisciplinary research, I started a joint-PhD on modeling infectious diseases at the University of Antwerp and Hasselt University. My Phd focused on agent-based modeling in the field of public health and infectious disease transmission: model exploration, parameter estimation, social contact patterns, computational efficiency and synthetic populations. I study influenza and measles transmission models and am involved in other projects to improve agent-based modeling and computational efficiency. The PLoS ONE paper on the association between social contact patterns and weather conditions is referenced in a BBC News article and has impact on succeeding research worldwide. Finally, I received the “Outstanding Poster Presentation" award at the international Epidemics4 conference in Amsterdam in 2013. 

Main research interests

  • Individual based modeling
  • Parallel multicore computing
  • Influenza and measles
  • Social contact patterns 
  • Active learning
  • Programming in C++, Java, Matlab, NetLogo and R