Laura Devlesschouwer

PhD student (FWO-funded)

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About Laura Devlesschouwer

- Bachelor in Linguistics & Literature (German/French/Italian), Vrije Universiteit Brussel
- Master in Linguistics, University of Antwerp
- Master en Linguistique, Université Libre de Bruxelles

- Cancelability vs. Conventionality: The Case of Garden-Path Puns. The 15th International Pragmatics Association Conference (IPrA2017), Belfast [+ manuscript]
- Questioning the Explicit Cancelability of Scalar Implicatures. The 2nd European Conference on Argumentation (ECA2017), Fribourg [+ proceedings]
- A New Look at Scalar Implicatures under Negation. The 2017 Linguistics Day of the Belgian Circle of Linguistics (BKL/CBL), Antwerp [+ proceedings]
- What Anscombre & Ducrot (1983) Can Do for Scalar Implicature Theory. Journée d'étude 'Sens conventionnel et implicite', Perpignan, 25 May 2018 [-> see Anglophonia article]
- Upper Bounds, Scalar Implicatures, and Argumentation. Workshop 'Reasoning, Argumentation and Logic in Natural Language: Experiments and Models', Bochum, 3-5 April 2019 [-> see Anglophonia article]

- Devlesschouwer, L. 2019. Upper-Bounded Scalars and Argumentation-in-Language Theory. Anglophonia 28: Sens Conventionnel et Implicite.

Walter De Mulder (Universiteit Antwerpen) & Philippe De Brabanter (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

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