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Scalable Low-Power Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things
Tian Le  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, 2019,153 p.
Multi-objective surrogate modeling for real-time energy-efficient station grouping in IEEE 802.11ah
Tian Le   Mehari Michael T.   Santi Serena   LatrĂ© Steven   De Poorter Eli   Famaey Jeroen  
Pervasive and mobile computing - ISSN 1574-1192-57 (2019) p. 33-48
Accurate energy modeling and characterization of IEEE 802.11ah RAW and TWT
Santi Serena   Tian Le   Khorov Evgeny   Famaey Jeroen  
Sensors - ISSN 1424-8220-19:11 (2019)
Evaluation of the co-existence of RAW and TWT stations in IEEE 802.11ah using ns-3
Santi Serena   Tian Le   Famaey Jeroen  
WNGW 2019 Proceedings of the 2019 Workshop on Next-Generation Wireless with ns-3, June 21, 2019, Florence, Italy-p. 9-12
Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11ah networks with high-throughput bidirectional traffic
Sljivo Amina   Kerkhove Dwight   Tian Le   Famaey Jeroen   Munteanu Adrian   Moerman Ingrid   Hoebeke Jeroen   De Poorter Eli  
Sensors - ISSN 1424-8220-18:2 (2018)

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