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About Ludger van Dijk

Ludger is working at the intersections of philosophy where ecological psychology and enactivism might meet, such as in pragmatism, Wittgensteinian philosophy and phenomenology. Exploring the scope of ecological psychology has led him to publish on the ecology of a range of human activities, from perceiving to imagining and thinking. Ludger holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Antwerp and in Human Movement Sciences from the University of Groningen. The Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) awarded his work with a postdoctoral fellowship in 2017.

Selected publications:

Van Dijk, L. & Myin, E. (2019). Ecological neuroscience: From reduction to proliferation of our resources. Ecological Psychology, 31(3), 254-268. [abstract]

Kiverstein, J., Van Dijk, L. & Rietveld, E. (2019). The field and landscape of affordances: Koffka’s two environments revisited. Synthese, 1-18. [full text]

Van Dijk, L. & Rietveld, E. (2018). Situated Anticipation. Synthese, 1-23. [full text]

Van Dijk, L. & Myin, E. (2018). Reasons for pragmatism: affording epistemic contact in a shared environment. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences,1-25. [abstract]

Van Dijk, L. & Rietveld, E. (2017). Foregrounding sociomaterial practice in our understanding of affordances: The Skilled Intentionality Framework. Frontiers in Psychology: Cognitive Science, 7(1969). [full text]

Van Dijk, L. (2016). Laying down a path in talking. Philosophical Psychology, 29(7), 993-1003. [full text]

Van Dijk, L. & Withagen, R. (2016). Temporalizing agency: moving beyond on- and offline cognition. Theory & Psychology, 26(1), 5-26. [abstract]

Van Dijk, L., Withagen, R. & Bongers, R.M. (2015). Information without content: a Gibsonian reply to enactivists worries. Cognition, 134, 210-214. [abstract]

Van Dijk, L. & Withagen, R. (2014). The horizontal worldview: a Wittgensteinian approach to scientific psychology. Theory & Psychology, 24(1), 3-18. [abstract]

Van Dijk, L., & Bongers, R. M. (2013). Knowledge and skill: a case for ontological equality. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7(916). [full text]

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