Marco Sanfilippo

Associate researcher

Publications in the spotlight

Local sourcing in developing countries : the role of foreign direct investments and global value chains
Amendolagine Vito   Presbitero Andrea F.   Rabellotti Roberta   Sanfilippo Marco  
World development - ISSN 0305-750X-113 (2019) p. 73-88
What factors drive successful industrialization? Evidence and implications for developing countries
Haraguchi Nobuya   Martorano Bruno   Sanfilippo Marco  
Structural change and economic dynamics - ISSN 0954-349X-49 (2019) p. 266-276
Manufacturing growth accelerations in developing countries
Haraguchi Nobuya   Martorano Bruno   Sanfilippo Marco   Shingal Anirudh  
Review of development economics - ISSN 1363-6669-
Investors' characteristics and the business climate as drivers of backward linkages in Vietnam
Franco Chiara   Sanfilippo Marco   Seric Adnan  
Journal of policy modeling - ISSN 0161-8938-41:5 (2019) p. 882-904
Diverse twins: analysing China's impact on Italian and German exports using a multilevel quantile regressions approach
Giovannetti Giorgia   Sanfilippo Marco   Velucchi Margherita  
Applied economics - ISSN 0003-6846-50:28 (2018) p. 3051-3065

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