Matthias Heyman

Postdoctoral fellow — Research Foundation - Flanders


Research group

Media, policy and culture


  • My expertise is situated in the fields of jazz and popular music. In Belgium I was the first to obtain a PhD with a focus in jazz, to be precisely about the life and music of jazz bass player Jimmie Blanton. Worldwide, I am considered a specialist in jazz bass playing in the first half of the 20th century. In addition, I am interested in Belgian jazz history, and I have research (historical) jazz journals, clubs, intermediaries, and competitions, among others. Relating to the latter, I am currently researching how cultural values are being (re)produced in international jazz competitions, using two case studies, the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz International Competition and the B-Jazz International Contest. Finally, I also focus on popular music, in particular on historically informed performance (practice). In this context, I research Beatles tribute bands, e.g. in a study of narrativity in The Bootleg Beatles and The Analogues.


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