Publications in the spotlight

Regression-based estimation of individual errors in fingerprinting localization
Lemic Filip   Handziski Vlado   Aernouts Michiel   Janssen Thomas   Berkvens Rafael   Wolisz Adam   Famaey Jeroen  
IEEE access - ISSN 2169-3536-7 (2019) p. 33652-33664
Experimental TDoA localisation in real public LoRa networks
Podevijn Nico   Plets David   Aernouts Michiel   Berkvens Rafael   Martens Luc   Weyn Maarten   Joseph Wout  
CEUR Workshop Proceedings-2498 (2019) p. 211-218
MapFuse : complete and realistic 3D modelling
Aernouts Michiel   Bellekens Ben   Weyn Maarten  
Journal of Robotics - ISSN 1687-9600- (2018)
Sigfox and LoRaWAN datasets for fingerprint localization in large urban and rural areas
Aernouts Michiel   Berkvens Rafael   Van Vlaenderen Koen   Weyn Maarten  
Data - ISSN 2306-5729-3:2 (2018)
Comparing 433 and 868 MHz active RFID for indoor localization using multi-wall model
Berkvens Rafael   Smolders Frederik   Bellekens Ben   Aernouts Michiel   Weyn Maarten  
2018 8th International Conference On Localization And GNSS Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Localization, 26-28 June, 2018, GuimarĂ£es, Portugal-p. 1-6

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