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KITE : high-performance accurate modelling of electronic structure and response functions of large molecules, disordered crystals and heterostructures
Joao Simao M.   Andelkovic Misa   Covaci Lucian   Rappoport Tatiana G.   Lopes Joao M. V. P.   Ferreira Aires  
Royal Society Open Science - ISSN 2054-5703-7:2 (2020) p. 1-32
Double moiré with a twist : supermoiré in encapsulated graphene
Andelkovic Misa   Milovanović Slavisa   Covaci Lucian   Peeters François  
Nano letters - ISSN 1530-6984
Evidence of flat bands and correlated states in buckled graphene superlattices
Mao Jinhai   Milovanović Slavisa   Andelkovic Misa   Lai Xinyuan   Cao Yang   Watanabe Kenji   Taniguchi Takashi   Covaci Lucian   Peeters François   Geim Andre K.   Jiang Yuhang   Andrei Eva Y.  
Nature - ISSN 0028-0836-584:7820 (2020) p. 215-+
O(N) numerical methods for investigating graphene heterostructures and moiré patterns
Andelkovic Misa  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics, 2019,207 p.
Composite super-moiré lattices in double-aligned graphene heterostructures
Wang Zihao   Wang Yi Bo   Yin J.   Tovari E.   Yang Y.   Lin L.   Holwill M.   Birkbeck J.   Perello D. J.   Xu Shuigang   Zultak J.   Gorbachev R. V.   Kretinin A. V.   Taniguchi T.   Watanabe K.   Morozov S. V.   Andelkovic Misa   Milovanović Slavisa   Covaci Lucian   Peeters François   Mishchenko A.   Geim A. K.   Novoselov K. S.   Fal'ko Vladimir I.   Knothe Angelika   Woods C. R.  
Science Advances - ISSN 2375-2548-5:12 (2019)

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