Nele Michels

Assistant professor


Research group

Primary and interdisciplinary care Antwerp (ELIZA)


  • Research in Medical Education - PhD thesis: portfolio learning and assessing at the workplace: development, reliability and validity. Investigation of a competency-based portfolio that we use to coach and assess students of the medical school (2nd & 3rd master) during their full time internship. In addition we developed a validated and Flemish CanMEDS Competency Based Inventory (CCBI). - Development and investigation of a course where students learn to do a consultation (skills) (master) - Research in order to obtain a better insight into Burn Out/resilience of students at the medical school and in the postgraduate training of General Practice - International research of students career choices (general practice) and the shortage of general practitioners (Europe) - Educational training requirements for general practice/family medicine specialty training: recommendations for trainees, trainers and training institutions - "Buen vivir" through integrated health care: optimizing intercultural collaboration in rural areas in Ecuador.


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