Publications in the spotlight

Predicting sequential user behaviour with session-based recurrent neural networks : our approach to the 2019 WSDM Cup Sequential Skip Prediction Challenge
Jeunen Olivier   Goethals Bart  
Proceedings of the 2019 WSDM Cup Workshop, February 15th 2019, Melbourne, Australia-p. 1-4
Fair offline evaluation methodologies for implicit-feedback recommender systems with MNAR data
Jeunen Olivier   Verstrepen Koen   Goethals Bart  
Proceedings of the REVEAL 18 Workshop on Offine Evaluation, October 2018, Vancouver, Canada-
A machine learning approach for IEEE 802.11 channel allocation
Jeunen Olivier   Bosch Patrick   Van Herwegen Michiel   Van Doorselaer Karel   Godman Nick   LatrĂ© Steven  
International Conference on Network and Service Management : [proceedings]- (2018) p. 28-36

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