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Paolo Silvio Harald Favéro is a visual anthropologist presently Associate Professor in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp. A member of at the Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi) he is also the Chair of the MA is  Film Studies and Visual Culture.

With a PhD in Social Anthropology from Stockholm University focusing on questions of globalization and cultural identity among young people in Delhi (resulting in a book entitled “India Dreams”, 2005) Paolo has taught at the University Institute Lisbon (Portugal), University College London (UK), University of Foggia (Italy) and Stockholm University (Sweden). He is also visiting professor at Ambedkar University (Delhi, India) and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai, India).

Paolo has devoted the core of his recent career to the study of visual culture in India (and partly also Italy). Ethnographically involved today in research on emerging image-making practices and politics in contemporary India, he was recently awarded funding by the Flemish government for a project on the introduction of digital technologies in Cuba.

Besides such situated research engagements Paolo focuses also on the ontology of images in digital habitats. He has a number of publications on the meaning of images in contemporary digitized habitats of the world but also more broadly on the meaning of images in human life across space and time.

He is also active on the front of the study and integration of emerging technologies within ethnography. He has published extensively on interactive documentaries in different contexts, on wearable cameras, immersive images, smartphone apps etc. Last year he launched in collaboration with the Univ. of Deusto (Bilbao) “EthnoAlly” a digital tool for supporting researchers in conducting emplaced participatory ethnographic work.

Paolo has and has also had an active career as photographer and filmmaker. In 2004 he directed Flyoverdelhi, a film on youth in Delhi that was screened by Swedish and Italian national broadcasters.

An outgoing member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) he is the vice-chair of the ECREA working group on Visual Cultures.

Paolo is the author of “The Present Image: Visible Stories in a Digital Habitat (Palgrave Macmillan) and of “Dentro ed Oltre l’Immagine: saggi sulla cultura politica e visive nell’Italia contemporanea” (Meltemi). He is presently working on a new book entitled Image-Making-India (Bloomsbury).


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