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About Patricija Kara De Maeijer

Patricia has 15 years of engineering, research and teaching work experience; supervised 33 master and bachelor theses; authored and co-authored 45 publications in international journals and conference proceedings, 3 patents; ISAP member, AAPT member and RILEM member of TC 219-ACS, TC 225-SAP, TC 258-AAA, TC 260-RSC, TC 268-SIF, TC 264-RAP, TC 272-PIM, TC 279-WMR. Main research areas: application of fiber Bragg grating sensors to monitor pavement in real-time, heavy-duty pavement design, asphalt and concrete technology, recycling of industrial wastes and by-products, environmental management.

Guest Editor of Special Issue "Recent Advance and Future Trends in Pavement Engineering". Infrastructures (ISSN 2412-3811) is an international scientific peer-reviewed open access journal on infrastructures published quarterly online by MDPI. Indexed in SCOPUS.




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