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I joined  April 1st this year as Research Manager of Centre of Excellence Microbial Systems Technology (MST) that groups 6 research teams. Embedded in the Faculty of Sciences, MST spans ECOBE-prof. Meysman, IMPRES-prof. Beemster, PLECO-prof. Verbuggen (Biology), ENdEMIC-prof. Lebeer and DuEL-prof. Vlaeminck (BioScience Engineering) and Adrem-prof. Laukens (Computer Science).

Since 2010, I'm appointed as guest professor at the Centre of Environmental Sciences of Hasselt University. I teach  systems toxicology, molecular toxicology, including aspects of biomarker of detection & prevention. I have scientific interactions with prof. Nawrot in the context of his Environage birth cohort.

From the year 2007 until 2020 I worked as project manager at VITO, Flanders’ research and technology organization on cleantech and sustainable development. In the Health Unit, I was responsible for research projects related to preventive medicine and medical technologies, especially in the field of cardiovascular physiology and epidemiology. More specifically, team leader for the MONA group with a focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence for medical applications (screening and diagnosis), especially in ophthalmology by using retinal imaging techniques. A MONA spin-off trajectory is currently investigated.

From the year 2001 until 2007 I held the position of postdoc, scientist and group leader at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center. In this role, I was responsible for life sciences research projects commissioned by the European Space Agency. I was principal investigator for several spaceflight experiments that were performed in the International Space Station. From the year 2000 until 2001, I worked as postdoc at University of Antwerp.

I obtained a PhD degree in Applied Biological sciences at Ghent University in the year 2000 for my work on the microbial ecosystem of the human digestive system. I combined bioreactor technology and microbiological expertise to validate the Simulator of the Human Intestinal System (SHIME). The work was done in collaboration with several industrial partners and received financial support from Procter & Gamble. I received the degree of Master of Science in Bio-Engineering with major in Organic Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology in the year 1996.

During my career, I have worked in multidisciplinary teams and I have supervised and coached small and flexible research teams. As of July 2020, I have 100+ peer-reviewed publications indexed in Web of Science and 3 patent applications.


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