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Research exists mainly out of the study of historical lead alloys as can be found in the printing letters from the Museum Plantin-Moretus, in organpipes or in gilded roses mounted in clavichords. Measuring their alloy composition with non-destructive techniques and relating these findings with corrosion phenomena enables conservators, restorers and curators to take well-balanced descisions in preventive or low-invasive conservation measurements.

As a second trail, the application of atmospheric plasmatorches with a specific use in cultural heritage conservation is examined. Participating the European FP7 PANNA-project* played a major role in the further development of this technique for the surface cleaning and protection of a range of materials. These advanced techniques are of a prime interest to the research group Heritage and Sustainability.

As a tutor, a number of MA-students from Conservation studies are supervised in their research related to conservation and restoration.



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