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Pauline Ketelaars (°1986) has been a member of the M²P (Media, Movements & Politics) research group at the University of Antwerp since January 2012. Her main research interests are political communication and street protests. She is a postdoctoral researcher of the Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) and she currently works on the project: 'It's a Matter of Timing. The Practice and Effectiveness of Strategic Communication Timing by Politicians in Belgium'. The title of her dissertation was: 'Protesters On Message? Examining Frame Alignment Between Demonstrators, Social Movement Organizations and Mass Media' (pdf) (2015).


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Corbeel, I. & Ketelaars, P. (2018). Belgian Peace Demonstrations After the Invasion of Iraq: A Sociological Perspective. (pdf) In: W. M Knoblauch and C. P. Peterson, pp. 382-393. Routledge History of World Peace since 1750. Routledge.

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Ketelaars, P., Walgrave, S. & Wouters, R. (2017). Protesters on message? Explaining demonstrators’ differential degrees of frame alignment (pdf). Social Movement Studies, 16 (3): 340-354.

Ketelaars, P. (2016). What Strikes the Responsive Chord? The Effects of Frame Qualities on Frame Resonance Amongst Protest Participants (pdf). Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 21 (3): 341-360.

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Ketelaars, P. (2015). Protesters On Message? Examining Frame Alignment Between Demonstrators, Social Movement Organizations and Mass Media (Doctoral Dissertation) (pdf). Universiteit Antwerpen.

Ketelaars, P. (2015). Bridging the Protest Macro-Micro Gap: Investigating the Link between Motivations and Political Context. In: M. Giugni and M. T. Grasso. Austerity and Protest. Popular Contention in Times of Economic Crisis. Dorchester: Ashgate, 111-132.

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Ketelaars, P., Walgrave, S., & Wouters, R. (2014). Degrees of frame alignment: Comparing organisers’ and participants’ frames in twenty-nine demonstrations in three countries (pdf). International Sociology.

Walgrave, S., Wouters, R., Van Laer, J., Verhulst, J., & Ketelaars, P. (2012). Transnational Collective Identification: May Day and Climate Change Protesters' Identification with Similar Protest Events in Other Countries (pdf). Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 17(3), 301-317.

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