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Pauline Ketelaars (°1986) has been a member of the M²P (Media, Movements & Politics) research group at the University of Antwerp since January 2012. Her main research interests are political communication and street protests. She is a postdoctoral researcher of the Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) and she currently works on the project: 'It's a Matter of Timing. The Practice and Effectiveness of Strategic Communication Timing by Politicians in Belgium'. The title of her dissertation was: 'Protesters On Message? Examining Frame Alignment Between Demonstrators, Social Movement Organizations and Mass Media' (pdf) (2015).


Ketelaars, P. (2017). Tracing Protest Motives: The Link Between Newspaper Coverage, Movement Messages, and Demonstrators’ Reasons to Protest (pdf). Sociological Forum.

Ketelaars, P., Walgrave, S. & Wouters, R. (2017). Protesters on message? Explaining demonstrators’ differential degrees of frame alignment (pdf). Social Movement Studies, 16 (3): 340-354.

Ketelaars, P. (2016). What Strikes the Responsive Chord? The Effects of Frame Qualities on Frame Resonance Amongst Protest Participants (pdf). Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 21 (3): 341-360.

Walgrave, S., Wouters, R. & Ketelaars, P. (2016). Response Problems in the Protest Survey Design: Evidence from Fifty-One Protest Events in Seven Countries. Mobilization, 21 (1): 81-104.

Eggert, N., Wouters, R., Ketelaars, P. & Walgrave, S. (2016). Preparing for action: police deployment decisions for demonstrations (pdf). Policing and Society.

Ketelaars, P. (2015). Protesters On Message? Examining Frame Alignment Between Demonstrators, Social Movement Organizations and Mass Media (Doctoral Dissertation) (pdf). Universiteit Antwerpen.

Ketelaars, P. (2015). Bridging the Protest Macro-Micro Gap: Investigating the Link between Motivations and Political Context. In: M. Giugni and M. T. Grasso. Austerity and Protest. Popular Contention in Times of Economic Crisis. Dorchester: Ashgate, 111-132.

Wouters, R., Walgrave, S., Ketelaars, P. & Eggert, N. (2015). Vakbondsprotest tegen Di Rupo I en Michel I vergeleken (pdf). Samenleving en Politiek, 22 (4): 90-99.

Ketelaars, P., Walgrave, S., & Wouters, R. (2014). Degrees of frame alignment: Comparing organisers’ and participants’ frames in twenty-nine demonstrations in three countries (pdf). International Sociology.

Walgrave, S., Wouters, R., Van Laer, J., Verhulst, J., & Ketelaars, P. (2012). Transnational Collective Identification: May Day and Climate Change Protesters' Identification with Similar Protest Events in Other Countries (pdf). Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 17(3), 301-317.

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