Pedro Isolani

PhD Student

Publications in the spotlight

Airtime-based resource allocation modeling for network slicing in IEEE 802.11 RANs
Isolani Pedro   Cardona-Cardenas Nelson Alexander   Donato Carlos   Pérez Guillermo Alberto   Marquez-Barja Johann   Granville L.Z.   Latré Steven  
IEEE communications letters - ISSN 1089-7798-24:5 (2020) p. 1077-1080
A survey on the programmability of wireless MAC protocols
Isolani Pedro   Claeys Maxim   Donato Carlos   Granville Lisandro Zambenedetti   Latré Steven  
IEEE communications surveys & tutorials - ISSN 1553-877X-21:2 (2019) p. 1064-1092
SDN-based slice orchestration and MAC management for QoS delivery in IEEE 802.11 Networks
Isolani Pedro   Cardona-Cardenas Nelson Alexander   Donato Carlos   Marquez-Barja Johann   Granville Lisandro Zambenedetti   Latré Steven  
6th International Conference on Software Defined Systems (SDS), JUN 10-13, 2019, Rome, ITALY- (2019) p. 260-265
Coordinated service composition and embedding of 5G location-constrained network functions
Spinnewyn Bart   Isolani Pedro   Donato Carlos   Felipe Botero Juan   Latré Steven  
IEEE transactions on network and service management - ISSN 1932-4537-15:4 (2018) p. 1488-1502
Optimal service function chain composition in network functions virtualization
Ocampo Andrés F.   Gil-Herrera Juliver   Isolani Pedro   Neves Miguel C.   Botero Juan Felipe   Latré Steven   Zambenedetti Lisandro   Barcellos Marinho P.   Gaspary Luciano P.  
Lecture notes in computer science-p. 62-76

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