Key publications

The right to health of non-nationals and displaced persons in the sustainable development goals era : challenges for equity in universal health care
Brolan Claire E.   Forman Lisa   Dagron Stephanie   Hammonds Rachel Mary   Waris Attiya   Latif Lyla   Ruano Ana Lorena  
International journal for equity in health - ISSN 1475-9276-16 (2017) p. 1-4
Global health governance in the sustainable development goals : Is it grounded in the right to health?
Van de Pas Remco   Hill Peter S.   Hammonds Rachel Mary   Ooms Gorik   Forman Lisa   Waris Attiya   Brolan Claire E.   McKee Martin   Sridhar Devi  
GLOBAL CHALLENGES - ISSN 2056-6646-1:1 (2017) p. 47-60
Thinking out of the box : a green and social climate fund comment on "Politics, Power, Poverty and Global Health: Systems and Frames"
Ooms Gorik   van de Pas Remco   Decoster Kristof   Hammonds Rachel Mary  
International journal of health policy and mnagement - ISSN 2322-5939-6:9 (2017) p. 535-538
Global constitutionalism, applied to global health governance : uncovering legitimacy deficits and suggesting remedies
Ooms Gorik   Hammonds Rachel Mary  
Globalization and health - ISSN 1744-8603-12 (2016) p. 1-14
What do core obligations under the right to health bring to universal health coverage?
Forman Lisa   Beiersmann Claudia   Brolan Claire E.   McKee Martin   Hammonds Rachel Mary   Ooms Gorik  
Health and human rights - ISSN 1079-0969-18:2 (2016) p. 23-34

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