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The development and validation of a combined kinetic fluorometric activity assay for fibroblast activation protein alpha and prolyl oligopeptidase in plasma
Bracke An   van Elzen Roos   van der Veken Pieter   Augustyns Koen   De Meester Ingrid   Lambeir Anne-Marie  
Clinica chimica acta - ISSN 0009-8981-495 (2019) p. 154-160
Vibrational circular dichroism sheds new light on the competitive effects of crowding and $\beta$-synuclein on the fibrillation process of $\alpha$-synuclein
Van de Vondel Evelien   Baatsen Pieter   van Elzen Roos   Lambeir Anne-Marie   Keiderling Timothy A.   Herrebout Wouter   Johannessen Christian  
Biochemistry - ISSN 0006-2960-57:41 (2018) p. 5989-5995
Ligand-induced conformational changes in prolyl oligopeptidase : a kinetic approach
van Elzen Roos   Schoenmakers E.   Brandt Inger   van der Veken Pieter   Lambeir Anne-Marie  
Protein engineering design and selection - ISSN 1741-0126-30:3 (2017) p. 219-226
Raman optical activity of human α-synuclein in intrinsically disordered, micelle-bound α-helical, molten globule and oligomeric β-sheet state
Mensch Carl   Konijnenberg Albert   van Elzen Roos   Lambeir Anne-Marie   Sobott Frank   Johannessen Christian  
Journal of Raman spectroscopy - ISSN 0377-0486-48:7 (2017) p. 910-918
Dynamics and ligand-induced conformational changes in human prolyl oligopeptidase analyzed by hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry
Tsirigotaki Alexandra   van Elzen Roos   van der Veken Pieter   Lambeir Anne-Marie   Economou Anastassios  
Scientific reports - ISSN 2045-2322-7 (2017)

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