Publications in the spotlight

Deep learning-based spectrum prediction collision avoidance for hybrid wireless environments
Mennes Ruben   Claeys Maxim   De Figueiredo Felipe A. P.   Jabandzic Irfan   Moerman Ingrid   Latré Steven  
IEEE access - ISSN 2169-3536-7 (2019) p. 45818-45830
A neural-network-based MF-TDMA MAC scheduler for collaborative wireless networks
Mennes Ruben   Canielo Miguel   Claeys Maxim   Latré Steven  
IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference : WCNC- (2018)
A spectrum sharing framework for intelligent next a generation wireless networks
De Figueiredo Felipe A. P.   Jiao Xianjun   Liu Wei   Mennes Ruben   Jabandzic Irfan   Moerman Ingrid  
IEEE access - ISSN 2169-3536-6 (2018) p. 60704-60735
Resilient application placement for geo-distributed cloud networks
Spinnewyn Bart   Mennes Ruben   Botero Juan Felipe   Latré Steven  
Journal of network and computer applications - ISSN 1084-8045-85 (2017) p. 14-31
GRECO : a distributed genetic algorithm for reliable application placement in hybrid clouds
Mennes Ruben   Spinnewyn Bart   Latré Steven   Felipe Botero Juan  
5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking (IEEE CloudNet), OCT 03-05, 2016, Pisa, ITALY- (2016) p. 14-20

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