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Ruud Wouters is a postdoctoral researcher at M²P. His research interests are (1) media coverage of social movements, (2) the impact of protest and (3) protest participation and mobilization.

He is a member of M²P since 2007, defended his phd in 2013, was a postdoctoral researcher of the FWO Flanders (2014-2017), a visiting scholar at Stanford University (2015-2016) and worked at the University of Amsterdam (ASCoR, 2017-2019). Next to a member of M²P, Ruud is also a member of CRESC (Sociology department, UAntwerp). At CRESC, he currently prepares and executes case-study research on the challenges that politicization and ethnic cultural diversity pose for the women's movement and youth work in Flanders.

He has published in sociological (American Sociological Review; American Journal of Sociology; Social Forces; Mobilization) and communication journals (Political Communication; International Journal of Press/Politics; Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly). For an overview of publications, click here.

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