Ruud Wouters is a postdoctoral researcher at M²P. He is interested in social and political change. More specifically he studies how social movements succeed or fail in winning wanted outcomes, from media attention over public opinion support to policy change. A related line of research focuses on protest participation: who participates in protest and under which circumstances do social movement actors succeed to mobilize specific segments of the population?

Ruudis a member of M²P since 2007, defended his phd in 2013, was a postdoctoral researcher of the FWO Flanders (2014-2017), a visiting scholar at Stanford University (2015-2016), worked at the University of Amsterdam (ASCoR, 2017-2019). and for the CSI Flanders project on Civil Society Innovation (2019). His current research focuses on how protest succeeds in initiating societal debate.

He has published in sociological (American Sociological Review; American Journal of Sociology; Social Forces; Mobilization) communication (Political Communication; International Journal of Press/Politics; Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly) and political science journals. For an overview of publications, click here.


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  • postdoctoral researcher