Sander Van Goethem (Faculty of Design Sciences) received a mandate from the Fund for Scientific Research (FWO) for his research on 'immersive 3D modeling'.

In his doctoral research, Sander Van Goethem investigates how product developers (designers) can use Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and / or Mixed Reality (MR - mixing the real and virtual world) in the design and product development process. "Products are three-dimensional, so it makes sense to design them in 3D," says Sander Van Goethem.

This research will allow designers to bypass complex and cumbersome screen manipulations in digital drawing. In addition, the method will be implemented at the various stages of the design process: idea generation, system design, concept design, prototyping and production.

Supervisor of this research is Prof. Stijn Verwulgen (UAntwerpen, Faculty of Design Sciences) with Prof. Jouke Verlinden and Prof. Regan Watts as co-promoters.


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  • FWO strategic research grant