Serguei Sergueev

IOF Research and Innovation Manager

Sergey Sergeyev

Sergey started at the Department of Chemistry as a Research and Innovation manager (IOF fellow) in April 2009. He is appointed by the consortium Organica which comprises several research groups of Chemistry Department. IOF (Industrieel Onderzoeksfonds = Industrial Research Fund) is a strategical initiative of the Flemish government. It supports the valorization of the strategic basic research at the Flemish Universities, primarily via cooperation with the industry, government and non-profit sector or by establishing spin-off companies. Activities of IOF fellows should lead to an increase in the number of patents, of industrial contracts, European Union funded projects, and the creation of spin-off companies at the University of Antwerp.

Sergey is an author of over 50 scientific publications, and listed as inventor on seven patents.

He fills his spare time playing competitive badminton at a club of Belgian Badminton League (LFBB).