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About Seyed Abolfazl Mohseni

Seyed Abolfazl (Majid) Mohseni graduated in December 2017 in the field of Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation, Master of Science, from Univesity of Politecnico di Milano in Italy. Majid started his PhD from March 2018 at the department of Transport and Regional Economics of Univeristy of Antwerp. His PhD topic is related to the sustainablility of maritime supply chains from economic perspective. The research includes integrating maritime organizational units and coordinating information and financial flows, materials such as container, bulk, and general cargoes in order to fulfill customer demands with regulations to control social and environmental impacts. The aim is enhancing the effectiveness/sustainability of maritime supply chain. The Ph.D. study program covers several aspects of the maritime supply chain as the hinterland, shipping companies, ports, policy-making for sustainable maritime supply chain and sustainability in regional, national and global maritime supply chain.




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