Simon Marijsse (°1988) first completed master degrees in Public Policy (UGent) and Philosophy (KU Leuven). After a post lauream research stay at the Jean Jacobs Institute in Bologna, he obtained an advanced master's degree in Conflict & Development (UGent), during which he gained field work experience in Rio de Janeiro.

He currently works as a doctoral research fellow with the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) within the Excellence of Science-Project (EOS) and is an affiliate member of the Centre d’Expertise en Gestion Minière (CEGEMI) at the Université Catholique de Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). His current research centers around political economy of mining, extraction of natural resources, global value chains, and technological transformations in Eastern DRC. His wider interests include economic anthropology, political and economic epistemology/ontology, value theory, and 20th century philosophy.

Previous philosophic publications focused on the the authorship of Walter Benjamin, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and Giorgio Agamben. He has written articles for RioOnWatch, Politheor, De Volkskrant, MO*. In 2016, he was awarded by the Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies  at KU Leuven (GCIS) the prize for best master thesis on multiculturalism.


  • Monographs

Marijsse, S. (2019). Leave, Spirit! A Story of Gangs and Enchantment in Rio de Janeiro. KU Leuven Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies. ISBN 978-90-820809-4-0


  • Articles

Marijsse, S. (2019). 'Doch Glücklich bin ich nicht': De ijzingwekkende afgrond van het moderne subject. Streven : cultureel maatschappelijk maandblad, 86:3, 263-273

Marijsse, S. (2019b). Agamben’s Happy Life: Toward an Ethics of Impotence and Mere Communicability. Mosaic 52/1 (March 2019), 139-154.

Marijsse, S. (2017). Taal als zwakke kracht. De verhouding tussen leven en taal bij Walter Benjamin. Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, 79(3), p. 517-540.

Marijsse, S. (2017). De Heilige Geest in Rio. Predikend tussen hawaianas en verdwaalde kogels. MO*, 23 Juni.

Marijsse, S. (2016). “Convivialità e prossimità, breve studio etnografico in una favela di Rio de Janeiro,” in Globalizzazione e movimenti sociali: Il manifesto convivialista in Brasile, a cura di Francesco Fistetti e Ugo M. Olivieri, Humanities: Collana di filosofia e scienze umane. Lecce: Pensa Multimedia Editore, p. 97-104.

Marijsse, S. (2016). “RIO 2016: Perspectives Beyond the Mega-Event,” Politheor Special Report, European Policy Network, June 29.



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