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Dipeptidyl peptidases in atherosclerosis : expression and role in macrophage differentiation, activation and apoptosis
Matheeussen Veerle   Waumans Yannick   Martinet Wim   Van Goethem Sebastiaan   van der Veken Pieter   Scharpe Simon   Augustyns Koen   De Meyer Guido   De Meester Ingrid  
Basic research in cardiology - ISSN 0300-8428-108:3 (2013) p. 1-14
Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibition improves cardiorenal function in overpacing-induced heart failure
Gomez nelson   Touihri Karim   Matheeussen Veerle   Mendes da Costa Agnès   Mahmoudabady Maryam   Mathieu Myrielle   Baerts Lesley   Peace Aaron   Lybaert Pascale   Scharpe Simon   De Meester Ingrid   Bartunek Jozef   Vanderheyden Marc   McEntee Kathleen  
European journal of heart failure - ISSN 1388-9842-14:1 (2012) p. 14-21
Method comparison of dipeptidyl peptidase IV activity assays and their application in biological samples containing reversible inhibitors
Matheeussen Veerle   Lambeir Anne-Marie   Jungraithmayr Wolfgang   Gomez Nelson   McEntee Kathleen   van der Veken Pieter   Scharpe Simon   De Meester Ingrid  
Clinica chimica acta - ISSN 0009-8981-413:3/4 (2012) p. 456-462
Expression and spatial heterogeneity of dipeptidyl peptidases in endothelial cells of conduct vessels and capillaries
Matheeussen Veerle   Baerts Lesley   De Meyer Guido   De Keulenaer Gilles   van der Veken Pieter   Augustyns Koen   Dubois Véronique   Scharpe Simon   De Meester Ingrid  
Biological chemistry - ISSN 1431-6730-392:3 (2011) p. 189-198
Reversal of imbalance between kynurenic acid and 3-hydroxykynurenine by antipsychotics in medication-naïve and medication-free schizophrenic patients
Myint A.M.   Schwarz M.J.   Verkerk Robert   Mueller H.H.   Zach J.   Scharpe Simon   Steinbusch H.W.M.   Leonard B.E.   Kim Y.K.  
Brain, behavior, and immunity - ISSN 0889-1591-25:8 (2011) p. 1576-1581

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