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About Skander Bennis

Skander Bennis is PHD researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp. He is a member of the research group Business & Law. He holds a Master of Laws (University of Antwerp, magna cum laude) and has been a practicing lawyer at the Brussels bar at the law firm Altius.

Skander teaches the Practical course on Economic law in the bachelor and also assists other courses. Skander is moreover preparing a doctoral thesis.

His main interest topics include (un)fair economic practices (business, consumer and prosumer protection) and the impact of "new" technologies on economic law (e-commerce, m-commerce, collaborative economy, the blockchain/smart contracts, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, ...).

Doctoral research project

Business entities independently carry out economic activities. Consumers, workers and governments do not. Hence different rules apply to these legal categories. However, recent technological developments are rendering such classifications increasingly more complicated. One such paradigm shift is caused by platforms that enable peer-to-peer transactions on a global scale (Uber, Airbnb, …). In addition, new technologies (blockchain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence) are increasingly allowing for possibilities to bypass such intermediaries (disintermediation). These shifts require a coherent approach towards distinguishing businesses from consumers, employees, governments and social organisations. This is the project’s goal.

It will verify whether the current European and Belgian legal framework  can adequately address these issues. To this end the legal notion of “economic activity” in various domains of European and Belgian economic law will be mapped, compared and assessed against the benchmark of equal treatment of market participants. This should ultimately lead to recommendations.


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