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On the viability of unsupervised T-cell receptor sequence clustering for epitope preference
Meysman Pieter   De Neuter Nicolas   Gielis Sofie   Bui Thi Danh   Ogunjimi Benson   Laukens Kris  
Bioinformatics - ISSN 1367-4803-35:9 (2019) p. 1461-1468
Detection of enriched T cell epitope specificity in full T cell receptor sequence repertoires
Gielis Sofie   Moris Pieter   Bittremieux Wout   De Neuter Nicolas   Ogunjimi Benson   Laukens Kris   Meysman Pieter  
Frontiers in immunology - ISSN 1664-3224-10 (2019)

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